Strategic Planning and Execution

The prevailing economic climate has increased the need for business managers and owners to critically analyze their organizations and make sound judgments regarding resource utilization.


The terms strategic planning and execution often conjure images of some advanced exercise requiring a higher level of skill than many managers believe they possess. As these managers understand where day-to-day decisions about resource allocation, product mix and market dynamics fit within their organization's strategy, this stigma is replaced by stronger ownership of the organization's goals.


At Kamau Consulting, we work with clients through all aspects of strategic planning and execution, as they seek answers to questions such as:-

  • What do we do best?
  • Where do we want to take the organization in the future?
  • Do our functions and processes mirror our goals?
  • Are we allocating resources based on company priorities or legacy initiatives?
  • What does all the information in the media mean to us?

We have found that taking a step back provides a wider perspective of the organization, which often highlights new opportunities. For example, “are we a railroad company or do we provide shipment services?”


Examples of our work include:

- Deep-dive analysis of the oilfield services and midstream sectors of the oil and gas value chain, to identify the best opportunities for new technology, for an energy-focused venture capital firm

- Development of a strategic plan and vision for a State of Texas agency, to facilitate transition from a cost center operation to a revenue generating model

- Creation of a model for a restaurant company’s expansion, identifying important milestones and benchmarks

- Development of a business plan and organizational framework for a major travel website, which was looking to transition into a destination marketing organization


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