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In these tough economic times, it is important for business practitioners to take a step back and evaluate the fundamentals of their organizations, as they position themselves for the reshaped business climate of the future. At Kamau Consulting we work with entrepreneurs and managers in growing organizations, as they seek answers to the tough questions that lead to success.

Our experience with both large and small organizations provides our clients with strategies that have led to the success of major corporations, in ways that are applicable to each growing organization.

Strategic Planning and Execution

The prevailing economic climate has increased the need for business managers and owners to critically analyze their organizations and make sound judgments regarding resource utilization.


The terms strategic planning and execution often conjure images of some advanced exercise requiring a higher level of skill than many managers believe they possess. As these managers understand where day-to-day decisions about resource allocation, product mix and market dynamics fit within their organization's strategy, this stigma is replaced by stronger ownership of the organization's goals.

Financial Management

The importance of an accurate financial picture cannot be overstated. It is equally important to remember that accurate reporting is not an end in itself, but a means to assisting the organization achieve its goals.


The advancement of management information systems is providing new opportunities for organizations willing to challenge industry norms and look at their data in new ways, often yielding significant opportunities for improvement.

Service to Others
At Kamau Consulting we feel truly blessed to be in the position we are in. We have therefore made it a core value to adhere to the principle that “To whom much is given, much is required.”


Whether drilling water wells in Africa, drilling for oil in different parts of the world, or serving brisket in a Houston restaurant, we believe that all activities are ultimately about serving people.

Did you know?
Many companies first buy a computer system and then ask, ‘What will this system let us do?’ rather than asking, ‘What do we want a system to do for us?’ before they purchase the system.


Many people develop a product then wonder ‘Why won’t customers buy our product?’ instead of asking ‘What do customers need?’ then developing a product to suit the customers.


We are committed to assisting our clients to ask the right questions, in the right order, and in the best interests of their organization.

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